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Creativoices announces it's breakthrough voiceover seminars.

Creativoices announces it’s breakthrough voiceover seminars.

Do you love voice acting? Can you do voices for a living or as an art? Or are you are actively involved in preparing materials for speaking, or your work requires you to meet people and carry conversations well? Then read along. Creativoices Productions, the creator of 7 seasons of the premier Voice Acting and Dubbing workshop in the Philippines - VoiceWorx!, announces their newest activities this summer.

Dubbed as “Summer VoiceOver Funtasy!” It involves participants exploring the potentials of their voice acting career with advance learning tools and techniques in Radio Commercials, Radio Drama, Script Reading, Mic handling, and Voice Over marketing. And now they will also be providing an exclusive Children’s Voice Acting Workshop this summer.

The classes will start as follows:


Radio Advertising Voice Over Workshop!!
March 2 and 3 CLASS A-RAV
March 4 and 5 CLASS B-RAV
March 6, 2009 GRADUATION

Advance Voice Acting and Radio Drama Workshop!!
March 9 and 10 CLASS A-RAD
March 11 and 12 CLASS B-RAD
March 13, 2009 GRADUATION

Children’s Voice Acting Workshop (10- 16 years old only)
March 16 and 17 CLASS A-CVA1
March 18 and 19 CLASS B-CVA1
March 20, 2009 GRADUATION

Children’s Voice Acting Workshop (10- 16 years old only)
March 23 and 24 CLASS A-CVA2
March 25 and 26 CLASS B-CVA2
March 27, 2009 GRADUATION

“The class will do more activities than ever, that involves working with the mic and less with the pen”, says Brian Ligsay VoiceWorx Director of CreatiVoices. Ligsay who is an accomplished performer, was hired recently by Rosetta Stone, Inc. as a Voice Director/Coach to work on their Filipino/Tagalog software program. CreatiVoices, he claims has successfully produced over a hundred voice over enthusiasts, bringing their total database of available on-call voice talents, close to a thousand.

“And that’s what producers are looking for nowadays in voice over production.. effeciency, diversity, creativity,” adds Pocholo Gonzales, Managing Director of the company. Gonzales is also known as the Voicemaster, who’s consummate performance is heard on TV, Radio and the Internet. He also recently starred in the animation movie DAYO Sa Mundo ng Elementalia Official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival. He was the only professional Voice Artist among the Cast of Actors.

The summer workshop features professional voice performers and directors working closely with students in a strict all recording facility and studio at the heart of Makati City. So get ready to explore your talents this summer. Join the workshop and excel your skills in voice acting. Don’t hesitate to call, because in the world of success… it’s always first come, first served.

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